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Oliver Nyolcas


Oliver Nyolcas, who is also the chairman of the Eger office of the restaurant and the Foundation, as well as the employees of the restaurant are Krishna-conscious, so they consider it especially important to help the fallen. In addition to rituals, religion is also reflected in their daily activities: they use their opportunities to help people in a bad situation and to try to live an environmentally conscious life. It is believed that faith can be most perfectly manifested in practical deeds and service.

After several years of skipping, Oliver returned to the restaurant in 2017, when he also took over its management. He is a man who saw the world. He has lived with his family both in the United States and in India. In the latter, he experienced what it is like to donate as an integral part of culture. There, the priests, the holy people, have no income of their own, they live entirely on the donations they receive, and society considers it its duty to help them. In addition, there is a beautiful tradition of hospitality in India. Wealthy social strata often call the poor to the table, and their homes are always open to the needy. In addition to ceremonies, food is often distributed to those in need in churches today.

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