Food Distribution for Christmas in Times of Crises

This week the food parcels of Food for Life Foundation will reach small villages in the Jász region as well as the Budapest district of Óbuda. Leading up to Christmas, the aid work will contibue in the capital as well as in the Somogy and Heves and Hajdú counties. In all, more than 5300 people […]

Food prices are hiking, still, we will not cancel our traditional Christmas food distribution

Food distributing charities are under huge pressure from rising food prices, still, Food for Life programme will nonetheless hold its food distribution events during the festivities. The love feasts will have at least 5400 guests at several locations in the capital city and at country cities, among them, Eger and Debrecen. We will also bring […]

Food For Life Foundation

The Hungarian Food for Life Foundation was founded by the Hungarian Society for Krishna-Consciousness as the charity arm of the religious community, although the food distribution had been going on continuously since the official acknowledgement of the Society in 1989. The purpose of the programme is assisting the needy through the distribution of free meals, […]