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Attila Szanyi-Karl


In 1996 I became acquainted with Krishna consciousness. This encounter was not only a step on a simple religious journey, but also an acquaintance with a spiritual culture with a history of 5,000 years, one of the important teachings of which is the role of food. Krishna-conscious believers offer all food to God before consumption, thus becoming purified, consecrated food.

 My years in the community have been accompanied by my involvement in food preparation and distribution. Therefore, I was very happy to take on the honorable task of being the leader and employee of the Food for Life Public Benefit Foundation, as this way I can help those in need to live a more spiritually clean life every day. As a believer, it feels good to know that in my daily work, I can bring joy to hundreds of people while also receiving God’s blessing. This food in this way means much more than just meeting bodily needs.

 My goal in the future is for the people in need to have even greater access to the fresh and delicious “spiritual food” prepared by our Foundation, which, in addition to nourishing the body, also serves the satisfaction of the soul.

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