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Éva Várallyay

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I have been thinking for a long time how I could become a more serviceable member of the society. How I could also help people. I think helping the needy is a basic human duty. We can never know what arrangements God has for us. Some time ago I was at the playground with my children and saw a crying little girl. She fell and hurt herself. I helped her because her mother happened to be elsewhere looking after her other, smaller child. I was deeply touched by her expression of gratitude. I couldn’t but think that my children can have a similar case and how I would also be very grateful to someone who would help them.  

At this point I decided to be engaged in something that is helpful for other people. I had to wait quite long to find the opportunity but now I am an office manager at a wonderful organisation and also distribute food, working together with wonderful people and finally can be helpful to people who are less fortunate than myself. 

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